1998 VHPA Reunion
Ft. Worth, Texas
There was a time when we could leap tall buildings in a single bound!!!

vhpa98.jpg (209743 bytes)

(l to r) Front Row Lance Dickenson   Jess    Moore Don Elmore   Bill    Martin   "Ben"   Gay   Carl   Cortez "Hostile" John Edmunson   Kevin   Bagley Stoney Stitzle   Barry   Corwin    
(l to r) Middle Row John Hoffman Mark LaCroix Roger Nelson Bob McKelvey Larry Gardner Jim Thurmond Pat     Ewing     Ken     Rider   Jim    Foster     Ron     Lance Bob Nix Bill Carne
(l to r) Back Row Chuck Meadows   Rick   Lester     Dave Fry Ken Bording Keith Wysong Bill Kelbaugh   Jim    Rankin Ron Strickland   Will   Stafford   John   Raismas    

Once again we have Carl Cortez to thank for seeing to it that we have names to go with the faces.

Not pictured but were at the mini reunion: Chuck Walton, and Larry Wigger


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