Photos Courtesy of
Joe Kochanski, John Freiberger, and Dot Newton

This is a copy of the framed memorial presented to the New Jersey Vietnam Veterans Memorial on 12 April 2003

Attendees at the Blue Star mini reunion held at the New Jersey Vietnam Veteran's Memorial, Holmdel, New Jersey on 12 April 2003.  The framed picture is the original of the copy shown above.

Front Row Left to Right Ed Baldante John Freiberger Joe Kochanski Tom Edmonds "Term" Kevin Bagley "Bags" Richard Waldron
Back Row Left to Right John-Al Skimbo Ed Newton Al Bruss Jack Chlapowski    
This photo taken just before the tour of the New Jersey Vietnam Veteran's Memorial  began
Muster before the tour - Bags, get your hands out of your pockets!

The horrible reality of Vietnam remains forever cast in bronze inside the stadium of the New Jersey Veterans' Memorial.  A 360-degree circular black marble wall above the statues lists all the names of New Jersey's sons who died in the conflict of their generation.

Joe prepared a brief history for our each of KIA Blue Stars Brothers in New Jersey.  As we passed by each of their respective panels Joe asked a volunteer from our group (Richard Waldron in this photo) to read a historical biography for the pertinent Blue Star.  After the narrative was read an American flag was placed below the name and Joe called us to attention to render a hand salute out of respect.

At the same as our tour, the Memorial and Educational Center played host to a "Support Our Troops Rally" Day where among other many distinguished speakers, Governor James E. Mc Greevey spoke on behalf of Families of Those Serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

We left our mark to show our support.

 John-Al rendered a hand drawn replica of our Crest and Motto.  Each of us signed our names to it.  And then we attached a copy of the 48th AHC plaque left behind for the New Jersey Vietnam Veterans' Memorial


John Frieberger at the BayonneVietnam Memorial, Bayonne, New Jersey

Joe, this mini reunion and tour could never have never happened without your dedication, planning and hard work.

Thanks for giving us the honor and opportunity to share with you a remembrance of fallen brothers in New Jersey.

 PS - The Vietnam Veterans' Memorial in Bayonne, NJ., pictured above, had as it's chief architect and designer, none other than our very own Joe "Ski" Kochanski.  Ski dedicated it to all Vietnam veterans.  As Joe says: "It's your monument too".


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